Services & Support

  • Desktop Repairs
  • Desktop Upgrades
  • Computer Hookup
  • Networking
  • Local Data Backup
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Software Install/Setup
  • Printer Setup
  • Computer Cleaning
  • Smartphone Setup
  • Media Center Setup
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Laptop Upgrades
  • Computer Setup
  • Wireless Setup
  • Internet Data Backup
  • Virus Protection
  • Spyware Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • Technology Consultations
  • Email Setup
  • Tablet Setup
  • Syncing Multiple Devices

$45 per hour, one hour minimum; after normal business hours and emergency calls we charge $65 per hour, one hour minimum. Home office business hours are: Monday thru Friday 7am to 7pm (computer drop-off service).

Location of Services:
We service most of our customer’s computers at our home office. We prefer you to drop off and pick up your own computer. However if you require our assistance in moving the computer (disconnecting everything and hooking it backup) from your home to our home office we are more than willing to help out; by picking up the customer’s computer and return it when the work is done. Usually this extra service comes at an additional fee.

All our services are 100% guaranteed for 7 days, from the initial start date. All hardware components are guaranteed through the original manufacture. We will work hard for our customers to get refunds or replacement parts due to defects. Damage caused by owner misuse/abuse, the owner pays for repairs, parts and labor. We will fix any damage caused by Coastal Geek at no additional charge.
Viruses, Spyware and Malware:

Due to the nature of this problem caused in part by the end user and there web surfing habits. We will do our very best to fix the problems and instruct our customers in proper web safety when visiting potentially harmful websites. Upon approval from our customer we will install programs to help defend against said threats and instruct our customers in its operation.

Re-occurring Viruses, Spyware and Malware:

Once these types of problems have been cleaned off a computer and the computer user goes back to there old web surfing habits, there is a 99% change of re-infection. Even though we guarantee our work, we can’t be held responsible for what our customers allow to be installed on there computers from harmful websites.

Anti-virus Protection:

For our customers that do not have there own anti-virus program. Upon approval from our customer we will install a free anti-virus program to help protect their system.

Lost and/or deleted Data Recovery:
We will make every effort to recover any lost and/or deleted data from a computer. The first thing to remember is to stop using the computer immediately. We have several tools at our disposal for recovering data. If we can’t recover the data we highly recommend DriveSavers (800) 440-1904. They have recovered data from even a burnt hard drive.

New install of your operating systems (Windows):
It is very important to give us a list of data you require to be saved before a new install of the operating system is done. During a new install of the operating system the hard drive is completely erased and then the operating system is installed. Also be sure to give us your operating system CD and license key.

Upgrades’, replacing bad components and new computer builds:
When upgrading or replacing bad components, we give the old components back to our customer unless they do not want them. We recycle bad parts or re-use outdated components in other situations when newer ones are not available due to being discontinued. We purchase hardware components from several sources to obtain the best price possible for our customers.